Monday, December 19, 2011



-watching loads of Christmas movies.

-decorating around\inside the house.

-having fun doing these collaborations with julianna. :)

-just got the hungar games from the library 3 days ago,and i finished it in 2 days!!! I can't tell you how obsessed i am. ;) still waiting on the library for "catching fire!"
have you read them?

-new recipe's sister has been making, that have actually turned out really, really yummy. but some? kinda naughty. you know what i mean. lol

-making some cute little ribbon notebook covers.

-ashlyn is doing an amazing job finishing up my blog design.. You like it? Thanks girl!:)

-brewing lots of peppermint stick coffee, seriously guys, if that is availble to you at w-mart you need to check it out

- hence the photo above, eating loads of oranges, for there in season. they make a really good breakfast.

-holding sweet sleeping baby's. ♥ [pictures? coming soon.]

-listening to these artists as of lately; milo greene, ingrid michealson, the weepies...etc

 (: Merry Christmas friends!!! :)



mary ann said...

I love oranges. and the Hunger Games. and Ashlyn. ♥
cute baby pictures, yes please!

Jessica said...

your blog design is cool!

the photo collaborations you've been doing with juliana are fun to look at and i can't wait to see the rest. :)

oh, and i'm excited for pictures of sleeping babies!

Alexandra Robbin Watson said...

I love oranges too! and oh my goodness I am so obsessed with the hungergames! i've read the books and was an extra in the movie! i got to meet all the main actors, my life is made!

Sarah Tschanz said...

I need to read those books my cousins love them too! =)

Anonymous said...

thats awesome. like you .

Leah :) (leahgirl22) said...

Love your blog Rachel! :)
So have you finished
"Catching Fire" yet? haha I think I know how obsessed you are... LOL Because I was and am the same way about "The Hunger Games" trilogy!! <3