Saturday, January 7, 2012

the little things-a collaboration {what i wore}

it's been a long time since i've blogged, quite a busy time in the house, so many things to do, and to just relax around this time of year. :)
But i'm back to blog more, photograph more, & write more. :) :) :)
i got some ideas for posts, yup, i'm looking forward  to it myself... :)
.what i wore.
[yeah, i was having fun.... :P]
| Hat \\ Charming charlie | Hoodie \\ Hollister | jacket \\ aeropostle | jeans \\ notw | socks \\ forever 21 | shoes \\ American eagle |

[yup, you noticed that... i have Forever21 socks. yup.]
like my outfit?
want me to post more of "what i wore"?

There you have it, check out julianna's! :)
goodnight ya'll! happy sunday!!!!


Jessica said...

Cute outfit! Yes please for more what I wore!!

Kiley said...

love the outfit and the new design!! :)

Bethany said...

I love that jacket! More outfits, please ;)

Victoria Moran said...

Hahahaha, adorable Rachel! Your so cute! :)

Moriah said...

You are just so cute Rachel:)
I look forward to more posts.

Down with the Capitol!!!!

*Lizzie* said...

Very loverly outfit! ;) You are so cute!

Emily Ruth said...

I like the socks and hat!!! I always enjoy "What I Wore" posts. :)

Julianna said...

you're so cute!!! I love your hat :)