Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Fabulous Friday | Books Finalists

Here are the finalists!!!

 I like this photo, super cute!

 Love the look :)

I like this one Sooooo much! 

I Really LOVE this one! : ): )

 Julianna, @ My life through a lens
There you have it! not go to the buttons page and get that final 5 button!
and then go vote @ the side bar!!!!

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Monday, May 30, 2011

New Camera, and memorial day camping night!

Yup, I'm Excited, still am, always will be (lets hope) excited about my new camera! :)

Thanks for linking up everybody! :) :)
I loved  the picture's you all took!!!!
there amazing, its gonna be hard to choose which one will be the final five!!!!

So here, for some pictures.....

 I <3 this photo to bits! Its my favorite of ALLLLLLLLLLL time! :) :) maybe next week's photo contest will be you and your camera, what do you say?

against out van.

 My Dad and benji getting our camper nice and steady, { if you look closely, he

 beka and me, two lovely sisters, two peas in a pod! =p lol

My younger sis and me :) she got some realllllyyyyyyy bad sun.... :( poor girl!

 Charlie, the cutie pie of the campsite!  lol (there were actually a lot of people there! + Babies)

 Anna and lydia, best friends forever, there such dolls! :)

 Anna and lyd playing paper dolls.

 Nikon, SLR D3000............ Mmmmmhhhhhmmm LOVE IT!!!!!

 Macro shot, surprised it didn't do its stinkin' flash! :) but very glad it didn't!

 I  Love this shot, she was still kinda shy, so yeah... still cute!

 Then, they were obessed with bubbles! :) but it made a few cute photos! :) :)
there mom brought like a 9 pack! Yeah, it was to funny!

Running to the park! Horsies!!! Buttercup, snowflake, annnnnnnnd one more that i dont remember!!!!

 Nick..... :D

 Lydie boo

 I seriously LOVE LOVE her earring's!!!

 And, t

Cuties :) Lyda and charlie.  Aren't they adorable?!

 Kisses! :)  Can you tell we Really Loved this little feller?! I do!  

 A walk home from the park, now for packing up, sad times.... :(


 Lydie again, I like her smile here, and all the green around her!

 Jude, the dog, I really don't like dogs, but this one was cute! :) I think we were really bonding there, lol
I took him for like 3 walks, for some reason i just like walking dogs! i guess it gives me a reason to walk! lol

On the way home, *sniff *sniff*  { no i didn't cry, but......... i was really sad. }

You won't believe this.......
I took around 200 and some photos in less then 24 hours!! My sister thinks I'm crazy, am I crazy!?!??

What is the most photo you've taken in a sum of a time?
How was YOUR memorial day\weekend?

much love
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Friday, May 27, 2011

Fabulous Friday | Books

Yay! here we are agin! :)
This is my 2nd photo contest, and i'm really excited!
So This week's theme is books! Everybody has\owns books right?!!?!?

Here's my photo: and if you guessed, THis photo was edited by Instagram! :) If you couldn't tell it's my new favorite app!

Here are the rules! :) now..... Be good, and follow them! ;) lol

-Only one entry per person

-All pictures need to be appropriate.

-Please be a follower

-Your picture needs to be posted on your blog/flickr
account with my button

-You need to make sure you announce that your entering my
contest on your post

-YOU need to take the picture and YOU alone.
-Enter in your picture by friday

-Blog hop around and comment on at least 3 other

-Have fun!


Thank you all for entering!
I hope you enjoy this, and don't forget to tell ALL of your friends! :)
Ta Ta for now!

much love,
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P.S. Guess what?!?!?!?! I'm getting my New SLR D3000 this Sunday!!!
I'm SOOO Excited!
Aren't you? then you'll see a lot more photos, then you already do! :D

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Fabulous Friday | Best-friends Winner!!!!!!

And...... The winner is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Guess?! lol Hehe


Great job kiley! you won!
Now go grab a winners button!

much love,
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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Fabulous Friday | Best-friends Finalists

Here we go! :)
Here are the finalists!!! Great job everyone!!!!!!

         Mary Catherine from Glittering compositions

                                                   I LOVE this photo! Great job Mary!!!! It makes me laugh!

            Kiley From Click and Capture photography

                                                          This photo is really cute! :)

    Emily from Photography baking, & my life

 I LOVE this one of you guys, I love the building behind you too!

                    Jessica from Imag-ine

I love how you guys did the hearts! great job!

Great job with this photo! I LOVE  the whole thing! and especially that there is a swan!!! <3 <3 <3

Now Y'all go get a  " I was in the top 5 in Rachel's Fabulous Friday photo contest!" over HERE
now make sure that you go to the side bar to vote!!!! 
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Sunday, May 22, 2011

CMPC | Siblings

This is for Kiley's photo contest! heheh I hope you like it!
This is Danny, He's not quite my little bro but i consider him as a brother! :)
I got this shot like last summer, i love it. :)

<3 <3 <3

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Ya'll still here? and a lovely walk with kiddo's

So, I don't think that today was going to be the rapture.... I  mean, your all still here right? lol
Pluse why would it be?
Because the Bible says in matthew, that NO ONE will know when he is coming.
So there for, since its like 8:16 it hasn't happened when that guy said it would. (wich was sometime around 6:00) I wonder what he is thinking right now!!!
Has anybody heard any news???

I <3 this photo, it was on the way home from Curly Fleece farm. Yeah, Lots and Lots of Dandelions..
 oh, where i got the idea for the title, Allie Here first originated it... ;)

 Dandelions!!! where did they come from? No idea..... D:

Such a cutie, the only one I could get of him, otherwise he was kinda squirmish.... :(
and I wanted to get one of the other ones, but they didn't turn out!  (i guess its what happens when you hafta use a Polaroid.)

 Ok... I really Really Really Really Really love this one of, me, Dont you?
I adore it.....! 

 Yes, she is my sister! :) SMILE!

 In the library, reading a magazine...

 Mom took us to Curly Fleece Sheep Farm. They had a Pygme goat there. His name is
Winston. He was such a cute little goat! :)

now if you havent gone and entered my contest, you should go right below this post, and enter! :)
Much Love
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