Saturday, May 21, 2011

Ya'll still here? and a lovely walk with kiddo's

So, I don't think that today was going to be the rapture.... I  mean, your all still here right? lol
Pluse why would it be?
Because the Bible says in matthew, that NO ONE will know when he is coming.
So there for, since its like 8:16 it hasn't happened when that guy said it would. (wich was sometime around 6:00) I wonder what he is thinking right now!!!
Has anybody heard any news???

I <3 this photo, it was on the way home from Curly Fleece farm. Yeah, Lots and Lots of Dandelions..
 oh, where i got the idea for the title, Allie Here first originated it... ;)

 Dandelions!!! where did they come from? No idea..... D:

Such a cutie, the only one I could get of him, otherwise he was kinda squirmish.... :(
and I wanted to get one of the other ones, but they didn't turn out!  (i guess its what happens when you hafta use a Polaroid.)

 Ok... I really Really Really Really Really love this one of, me, Dont you?
I adore it.....! 

 Yes, she is my sister! :) SMILE!

 In the library, reading a magazine...

 Mom took us to Curly Fleece Sheep Farm. They had a Pygme goat there. His name is
Winston. He was such a cute little goat! :)

now if you havent gone and entered my contest, you should go right below this post, and enter! :)
Much Love
<3 <3 <3

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LeAnna said...

That picture of the dandelion field makes my eyes itch, but I LOOOVE it! I I love goats, too.