Monday, May 30, 2011

New Camera, and memorial day camping night!

Yup, I'm Excited, still am, always will be (lets hope) excited about my new camera! :)

Thanks for linking up everybody! :) :)
I loved  the picture's you all took!!!!
there amazing, its gonna be hard to choose which one will be the final five!!!!

So here, for some pictures.....

 I <3 this photo to bits! Its my favorite of ALLLLLLLLLLL time! :) :) maybe next week's photo contest will be you and your camera, what do you say?

against out van.

 My Dad and benji getting our camper nice and steady, { if you look closely, he

 beka and me, two lovely sisters, two peas in a pod! =p lol

My younger sis and me :) she got some realllllyyyyyyy bad sun.... :( poor girl!

 Charlie, the cutie pie of the campsite!  lol (there were actually a lot of people there! + Babies)

 Anna and lydia, best friends forever, there such dolls! :)

 Anna and lyd playing paper dolls.

 Nikon, SLR D3000............ Mmmmmhhhhhmmm LOVE IT!!!!!

 Macro shot, surprised it didn't do its stinkin' flash! :) but very glad it didn't!

 I  Love this shot, she was still kinda shy, so yeah... still cute!

 Then, they were obessed with bubbles! :) but it made a few cute photos! :) :)
there mom brought like a 9 pack! Yeah, it was to funny!

Running to the park! Horsies!!! Buttercup, snowflake, annnnnnnnd one more that i dont remember!!!!

 Nick..... :D

 Lydie boo

 I seriously LOVE LOVE her earring's!!!

 And, t

Cuties :) Lyda and charlie.  Aren't they adorable?!

 Kisses! :)  Can you tell we Really Loved this little feller?! I do!  

 A walk home from the park, now for packing up, sad times.... :(


 Lydie again, I like her smile here, and all the green around her!

 Jude, the dog, I really don't like dogs, but this one was cute! :) I think we were really bonding there, lol
I took him for like 3 walks, for some reason i just like walking dogs! i guess it gives me a reason to walk! lol

On the way home, *sniff *sniff*  { no i didn't cry, but......... i was really sad. }

You won't believe this.......
I took around 200 and some photos in less then 24 hours!! My sister thinks I'm crazy, am I crazy!?!??

What is the most photo you've taken in a sum of a time?
How was YOUR memorial day\weekend?

much love
<3 <3 <3


Kiley said...

beautiful photos Rachel! :]

Mary Catherine said...

You're not crazy - I take at least 200 pictures if not more every time I get out the camera. Congrats on your SLR!! For photographers like us it's like a new baby haha!!
--Love MCat

Melissa said...

Congrats on the camera!! It wonderful!!!
Great pictures :)

Jordan said...

What fantastic pictures!!!! Yayyy for the new camera!!! :D And YAYYYY!!!! for camping!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE camping :) Charlie is so. darn. cute!

I love the picture of the eye :)


Rachel said...

Kiley: Thanks a bunch! :)

Mary Catharine: that's cooL! :) heheh thanks! yes, it is!!!!

melissa: thanks!

Jordan, thank you!!!!!! :) :)

Jessica said...

Congrats on getting your new camera! I've taken over 200 pictures in one afternoon. You're not crazy at all!! =)