Sunday, December 18, 2011

movie monday

Sitting here, on my couch with three pillows behind me, water beside me, listening to milo greene, thinking of a post to put up for you, because lately, actually, for the past for weeks, i've been really low on blogging ideas. [if you haven't noticed.] So, totally not a regular thing just something different for once, unless you absolutely love seeing a few of my favorite YouTube videos once a week, or maybe just once a month? or, maybe just this once. haha.

Jostie flicks =]

Julian smith :-)

Do you have a favorite?
Have you heard of any of these you-tubers?



*Lizzie* said...

I LOVE Jostie flicks ;) They are the best!!! ;)

Moriah said...

OWM! The one with Julian Smith, hahaha!
I laughed really hard! He is so lame!

Dakota Nicole said...

Wonderful! I love the Jostie flicks.