Monday, August 29, 2011

Its a monday.

The other day mom hosted a bible study with a few moms,
all the kids went swimming in our 4 ft pool, the toddlers in the 7 inch high pool, what a good start of the day.

then some other friends cam over for lunch, and i took some pictures of wesly as they were leaving.. he was quite the chunker. :) 

 Isn't he cute?


*Lizzie* said...

Yes that little baby is cute!!! His smile is so cute!!!

Emily Ruth said...

He is adorable! Oh, and I love the picture with the focus on his feet. I love pictures of feet. :)

mary ann said...

He is adorable! Sounds like a fun day!

Emilie said...

He is adorable! :)

Madeline Elizabeth said...

AWW! That sounds fun!