Monday, August 29, 2011


This last weekend our yoga place moved, and had a grand opening!
It looks alot better then the last place. Definitely bigger!

The mirror on the right is where the instructor stands in front. :)

It so fun because there is no levels, you just jump in! 

I've never done it before, i thought it was a wee bit weird, but i love it now that i've tried it! :)

but i also love yoga...  =)
no weird meditation, just yoga. 

I'd show you some pictures but I didn't bring my camera, and i'd rather be doing it, then taking pictures! wouldn't you? maybe sometime i'll have to take a pic or two. 

Have you ever danced Zumba before?   [pronounced Zoom-bah]
So what have you been doing lately?

much loveeeeee...


delaney said...

My sister and I started doing zumba a few months ago, after we cut down on dance classes so that we could still get exercise. And now my sister works the desk a few days a week and I work the childcare area! isn't it so fun? I love it!

-Rachel said...

That's awesome Delaney!