Friday, February 10, 2012

gotta love the mail

So, a few weeks ago, i got the 35mm in the mail, and i was so freakin' excited. <3
i love it.
a lot.
thank you mail man!
and amazon.

and here?

 Something i should log into alot more often then i do, am i correct? [sooc]

this little guy has gotten lots bigger then last time i saw him. <3

 i ♥ him

random little photos. :)
 the best mix snack ever, cranberries, and walnuts..sometimes almonds.

 lyddie, before zumba at church.

 a photo of me sis, crazy right? but i love how her hair is focused. :)
my new shoes from Plato's closet. awesome deal btw, 5$ 
how could i pass that up?

and all that?
just lots, of photos i've taken ever since my new lovely lens. ♥
enjoy it?
hope so.


Bethany said...

hey!! nice to see a post from you again :) I love the hair pic!And oh gosh, I have to try that snack!
<3 ya!

Julianna said...

aww you and the little guy are so cute!! :)yes,you do need to blog more :) :D

Jess said...

It's good to see you back!! :)

Moriah said...

love the shoes, congrats on the 35mm:)

mary ann said...

oh, sweet! i'd love to have a 35mm lens. the one of your sister is really cool :)
and I love Plato's Closet!

-rachel said...
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Carli Nicole said...

Ooh fun photos! Looks like you've been having fun!


Sara said...

I'm loving how fun and colorful your pictures are!

Madeline Elizabeth said...

Lovely pictures Rachel!!!!