Monday, November 21, 2011

the palm project.

Found this amazing site, and i wanted to join. :)

If you do this too, Please let me know by commenting. :)

<<<<The Palm project.>>>>
  It may sound trite, cliche, even. But our mission is to help other girls lost in the mire of the world's lies about true beauty, body image, and self-esteem.

 My pie. yeah pie had been my obsession of making. ♥
Have a good day!


Jessica said...

Yea, you joined! :)

I LOVE the project!!

Jessica said...

Yummy pie! And I'm glad you joined the project :)

Sarah Beckett said...

I just researched it and it looks SO coool!! I am definately joining up the ranks of really beautiful people :) Thanks for spreading the word so that others (like me) can find out about this...
Have a wonderful day
Love, Sarah

Madeline said...

The Palm project is so awesome!1 I recently found them on fb and I totally support what they are doing!!