Thursday, November 24, 2011

My recent loves.♥ 002

I'm sure ya'll have had an amazing thanksgiving. [i hope]
I did, and i did not eat that much food really, I have finally held myself from over doing it. ha ha, for the most part
--Friends coming over super soon.  yuppers, this is made in instagram. :) this was taken in January, can't wait to see her it's been almost a year!! ackkkkkkkkkk!

-Shopping with my sisters. :)   obvi. i got the dress. :)

--Little sister birthday party/zumba.  yup, I joined, eventually. ;) that was fun stuffs.

--Pie and Thanksgiving :]  The other day i made three of them, wow, hard work but really yummy.

--Sweet little baby's. I'm sure you've seen this little one many times here, but hey, he's so photogenic, how could I resist??

Happy thanksgiving!!!
I went to my grandparents on my daddy's side, and had lunch there. it was a blast. :)
How did you spend Thanksgiving?

with pumkin pie and eggnog. :)


Jessica said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Rachel!

I spent Thanksgiving morning putting up Christmas decorations and then I worked on homework until 3:30. Then my family went to my aunt and uncle's house to celebrate Thanksgiving with them. :)

Jessica said...

I went shopping (like you), except I was getting summer clothes, but I did try on loads of dresses :)

*Lizzie* said...

I'm glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Rachel!!! I had a wonderful Thanksgiving too!!
Oh my! That dress you are wearing is SO cute!!! :)

Sarah Tschanz said...

Hey where did you go shopping i love those dressing rooms! i love the dress to! =) hha