Thursday, September 8, 2011

todays pictures,

These are some picture's i took this morning, well, in-between my school that is!
this is just a random post for you all, thought i'd have to do this someday!
[ya know... a random post. ]

 We got two gold fishes the other day, haven't had any since i was little.
tis funny to watch when i am doing school...

 the weather has been very nice, but the sudden change made me get a small cold, thankfully its just my nose is kinda stuffed. Could be worse!

-so i think I'm gonna start adding my signature on my photos, what do you think?
-I updated my "about me" page, go check it out!
-and i wanna say you guys rock for the 14 comments i got on the last post, thank you! :) feel free to keep it up. :D



Anonymous said...

Like the third one!
I think a signature would be nice.
checked out your updated page! like your description!:)

Madie M. said...

You watch the Jostie Flicks? I LOVE them!!!

Jessica said...

That last pic is just gorgeous! And go for the signature.

Emily Ruth said...

Lovely pictures! Especially the ones with the sun in them. I just love pictures of the sun! Oh, and I think your signature on the photos would look nice. :)

Anonymous said...

I have quite enjoyed seeing the photos of flowers - where I am, they aren't really out anymore! Beautiful photos!

Emily said...

I love that picture of the flower on the ground! :) I'd say go for the signature. Nice new profile. :D