Wednesday, September 7, 2011


School is here... again!

My favorite subject has to be Science, and word building. i absolutely hate math. but doesn't everybody? i know like 3 people who LOVE  math, i still haven't figured out what's wrong with them! have you? its either still to be discovered, or its that god made there brains actually compatible for that kind of stuff.

What's your favorite subject? 

[btw, i am home-schooled, for those of you who are wondering. :P]


i saw this the other day, and i just had to take a picture of it, isn't this creative [and or funny] or what?


Yup, got these sweet sunglasses @ the fair. i love them because it's like a portable mirror everywhere you go!  =)

 yeahhh, I like them. okay, i like them alot!

happy happy wednesday!

good byeeeeee!


*Lizzie* said...

Haha! i've seen those sunglasses before! ;)
i know they are awesome for a mirror. :D
My fav subject is Science too!! Awesome girly! I know! how can Math be someone's favorite subject???! lol

Madie M. said...

I did not know you were homeschooled.

Julianna said...

haha I love sunglases like that,where its like a mirror!! You look super cool in them =) :)

Ali said...

haha, I love math! :]

*Lizzie* said...

Hey Rachel! I just awarded you on my blog (My Imaginary Horse) so go check it out :)

Anonymous said...

love your post;)
math...ugh. people who actually like it are absolutely crazy. I mean, why didn't God just give me that gift? It makes me jealous. :)

Emily said...

My favorite subject would be...gym! Except we don't really have gym...haha I shall try to get somebody to excercise with me this year! ;)
I'm hoping science will be interesting this year, we're going to watch these dvds from Answers in Genesis. :D

Sarah Tschanz said...

I love MATH!!! And biology is my second favorite! i HATE english/writting/spelling!!!

Kadee said...

I'm homeschooled too :D And I hateeee math. It's only my second day and I'm about to throw my text book out the window!!!
haha, I love the mcdonlds cup flower thing. That's priceless

Jessica said...

My favorite subject is Spanish or Photography. I just love learning languages and I love my photography class, too. :)

Thank you for your thoughtful comment on my blog post!

Happy Wednesday to you, too!

Kiley said...

haha we're completely different. I hate science, LOVE math. :)

Jessica said...

I'm also homeschooled. And the favourite subject[s] are Geography, English and English Lit . . . and History. HATE Math and Accountancy.

Emily Ruth said...

I don't really like math, but I enjoyed Algebra more than I thought I would.
I love the picture of the flowers in the McDonald's cup. :)
Those sunglasses are so cool!

Madeline Elizabeth said...

I'm so glad school started back! I love the picture of the flowers!!!