Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The storm. the pictures, oh, the pictures. :)

Once upon a day, there was a storm that rolled in out of no where.
People were putting away there bikes, and things that should not be rained on, or blown away for that matter.
... here are a few pictures from that day.

Oh, yeahhhh... Can't forget that our electricity went out! yeah, I felt a lil' amish. hmm, Is that weird? I think so.

Me and bek, were randomly just taking pictures, Hah i thought it was to funny not to click a few pics of eachother. ♥
 me.... and bek.
This lovely storm lasted pretty lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngg   [actually it only lasted like and hour or two, it was weird, but i was glad.]

then... yesterday, I was kinda bored, so i made a note book cover, thing'a ma-jig. Like it?

So, at this, I will bid you good day.
How was your week? Was it as exciting as mine? ;)
Let me know. ♥

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Anonymous said...

Perty good storm!! :)
Ok; you are going to think I'm nuts, but you Have to check out this post
The pictures remind me so much of those. In fact, your street looks like mine. Weird. Check it out; you'll agree.;)

Melissa said...

They notebook is super cool!!
Aw i wish it would rain here! I love the rain :D


Jessica said...

I've been through storms like that! Lotta rain, and pretty cool, too. Growing up in PNG, we had power outages every couple of months at least. It was just a normal part of life there. I LOVED it because we could see the stars so well when there were no lights. So beautiful. :)

My week's been pretty normal. I've just been running, hanging out and spending more time on the computer than I should. :P

Hope you have a good rest of the week!

Jessica said...

Love the first picture! It was storming in CT too today. . . . I got soaked running from the car to the house of my piano teacher for my weekly lesson.

Ali said...

Oh! Fun day! ;] Just kidding. when it storms I just sit on the computer all day long..ya. i know. im lame. ;] But..I love to blog!

Hey that notebook cover is kinda like mine! ;]

Bethany said...

you and bekah are so beautiful! and hey..good idea for my notebook...:)