Monday, August 1, 2011

Miscellaneous ramblings,

Ahhh, today i just needed to blog, I haven't since thursday! Scandal, right?
 Hahaha. :)

1} braids, I've been loving them.

2} Shabby apple dresses, I've also been in love..
Only I'm getting mine any time! I'll be sure to post it! :)

Like it? I adore it. ♥

3} outfit.. my very first one! 

headband-dollar store// top tank-walmart// capris-Kohls//

4} Instagram..♥

some of there filters can amazZe me. If you want to follow me? My username is rachel_photography 

5} Farmers markets.
 The people walking by,

Danny, dragging his cubear {cub-bear}

6} Giveaway last chance!!!
You have until august 5th to enter then it will be closed, I will shortly pick the winners with probably Only 4 more days people!

Well, there you have it, I need sleep so i will leave you with that. :) 
You have a lovely monday!

P.S. Please pray that i win this awesome giveaway!



Bethany said...

awesome dress! I want it :) and cute outfit!

Madeline Elizabeth said...

Awesome!! I love that dress!

Kiley said...

love your outfit!

Julianna said...

you look so cute with braids =)