Sunday, August 7, 2011

i'm excited

Im excited because...

--Were going on vacation soon. :D

--Im going to goodwill, and another thrift store soon. (you know what that means... Hopefully vintage cameras..etc)

--that i'm getting more followers. btw, YOU all ROCK! :) Thank you so much for following! ♥

--that i got inspired, actually along time ago, but couldn't find the whole list of it. today i saw it one Follow God Everyday, so i was pretty happy you see. =)
I will not be doing it everyday, but i will try to get it done within a few months. If you decide to do it too, Please email me the link, I always like seeing other peoples blogs, challenges, and whatnot. :)

 So thats it for tonight! :)
Have a lovely monday! [tomorrow]



Kiley said...

such fun stuff! :]

Julianna said...

gasp,vintage cameras! i really want one of them =)hope you can find one,or some :) and that 30 day challenge looks really cool!!

Leia, from Circus Clouds. said...

what a wonderful idea,
I might just have to do something simular sometime,
please check out my blog and maybe leave a comment,
Thanks xx
I am now following.

Nia.Rhiannon said...

Really good idea! I wanna do that! <3
I love your blog!
I am now following you, so it would be lovely if you were to follow me ! (:-

Anonymous said...

Have fun on your vacation! :) And hopefully you can find some cool vintage cameras, I never got lucky in finding them at thrift stores... and I like the 30 day challenge idea, I might do it too!

Jessica said...

Love the vintage camera pic!