Thursday, July 14, 2011

Today i...

Today i... have been in love with this color blue.
Today i... already had two cups of cold brew coffee and its 9:16 A.M. (don't worry)
{from our trusty google}

Today i...  was finally re-united with my camera...♥

Lately i... been loving all the beautiful sunsets. Isn't this beautiful?
{of-course filtered through Instagram}

Lately i...  have been loving sister dates at the small coffee shop up the street. ♥♥♥

Today i... i got this awesome peach flavoring for my famous peach lemonade tea. :) sometime I'll have to post about it.

Hmm, I think I'll have to do another one of these, i mean there are so many things that i love, ♥
I will have to do that. So yeah, i can't believe, that my last post got 10 comments! I was really super excited when i see that! like you guys are so awesome! Thanks! :)

 I hope your all having a wonderful summer!


Julianna said...

Mmm. your peach lemonade tea sounds amazing!! You should deff post about it :) The sunset pic is just beautiful!

♥ Kimmi's Corner ♥ said...

peach lemonade tea......mmmmmm! I want some.<3

Allie said...

That sunset is beautiful! I want an iPod touch SO bad!! :)

Kiley said...

the instagram photo is soo gorgeous! great shot! :]

Bethany said...

2 coffees and its not even 10 yet? oh boy, someones gonna be hyper ;) fun fun

Katherine said...

Just got onto your blog via another and i love it :) Love how you've focused on the things you've done 'today' - good way of looking at life :)

I might do this in one of my upcoming posts!

Off to look around your blog some more.

K xx

*Lizzie* said...

Awesome pics! The sunset pic is very beautiful indeed!!! <3