Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Lovely Blog award! :)

Well, I recently was awarded the...

ANd i was pretty Excited!!! I got this awesome award from.....  Ali!  Thank you girly! I would award yout too, but its already to late! lolz

This is actually my 2nd blog award, but never really got around to uh, blogging about it! haha so I'm doing just one today, and maybe sometime next week i'll do the other! :D 

you're stranded. on an Island. you have nothing. what do you do? 
Hmmm, I'd freak out of course, but then i guess i'd look for a way to build me a boat....and food..... and yeah! haha
what is your favorite feature: Eyes, feet, nose, etc? 
ummm, i dont know! maybe my hair?! idk, my hair is REALLy thick! so yeha, its pretty much straight, and when i try to curl it, it doesn't work to welL! haha

Ponytail or bun?  

Ponytails! i totally LOVE ponytails! hah

are your ears pierced? 
Yuppers! yes, Yes, yes i do! i got em' when i turned 13! :D
what are you scared of?
Spiders,  basicly all bugs! and... uh, Falling off of a bike. lame, i know...... :P

your man. short or tall? 
in between.... Mhmm! ♥♥♥

would you rather be 13 or 30? 
Um.... 13!! is that a joke?

chocolate or roses?  
♥Dark Chocolate... Delicious!!!!♥

And, now i award some lovely people! :)

 made a cobbler the other day, oh and it was Divine!!!!

 Went on a bike ride the other day, and i saw this, and had to grab my camera! :) like it?

 Did my hair funky, (no really you wont belive this..... I'll prolly blog about it maybe next week!) and it turned out like this in the morning! to bad the back doest look the same! :(

Like it?

Have a lovely day peoples! :)



Kiley said...


Julianna said...

Oh man! Your hair is a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e!!! Love it :)

Jessica said...

Your hair is adorable! Congrats on getting a blog award!! :)

Melissa said...

Love your hair!! Super cute!
Question, so what exactly do i do?

Melissa said...

Never mind! i figured it out :)