Saturday, June 11, 2011

Fabulous Friday | Pets

This weeks theme is Pets!
I dont really have a typical pet, (like a dog or cat) but i do raise chickens! haha so here we are! me and my chickens! :P lol
My chickens are like WAY bigger then this, but i like this photo so i chose this one! :)
now... YOUR turn! :)

here are the rules peeps! :)


-Only one entry per person

-Please be a follower

-All pictures need to be appropriate.

-Your picture needs to be posted on your blog/flickr
account with my button

-You need to make sure you announce that your entering my
contest on your post

-YOU need to take the picture and YOU alone.
-Enter in your picture by friday
-Blog hop around and comment on at least 3 other

-Have fun!


Ali said...

Pets is always a good topic. :)I entered!

That camera girl said...

Hello, I'm Kadee. I'm not sure if I've already commented on your blog or introduced myself yet. I love your photography, tis great. :) I've never entered a photo before on a blog, but thought I would try, haha. The parrot isn't a pet of mine, but it could be a pet I guess. I don't know if that counts. We raise chickens too :))

Jessica said...

Looking forward to seeing who's in the top 5 tomorrow!

♥Rachel♥ said...

Thanks for entering Ali!

♥Rachel♥ said...

@That camera girl
hey Thanks for linking uP!
oh! cool! Thanks!