Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My life, and some blogger friends :)

Well, today I'm am gonna tell you about some of my Favorite Blogger friends! :0So here are some awesome blogs I follow, Go check em' out and Follow if you wish.... :)
Now, for some pictures! aren't you excited? I thought so!
Yesterday, we went to panera, it was so fun, I absalutely
Do you?- if not, you must be crazy... :P
 Beka, {left} me, {right}Can you tell we were drinking coffee?
 again, em and beka playin' around with the refill coffee, I guess it just happens, when you have caffinated coffee!
Then today we went to the nursing home up the street,  and we showed them some of our newly born chicks, there about 9 days old now, so i guess there not "new" anymore...
beka, holding dot.
Hand shaking time.... :)  
Dot, falling asleep in a napkin, in beka's hands.... :P
I caught these smiles while they were handshaking\saying goodbye :)
there so funny, wish you guys could meet em' truly there
Well, that's it for today! :)
What was your favorite picture?
Have an awesome day fellow bloggers!
<3 <3 <3


Kiley said...

cute pictures! Thanks for putting me as your favorite blog, Rachel! :D

Allie said...

Those are cute photos! Thanks for putting my blog up there too! :)

Rachel said...

Kiley, Your welcome! :)

Allie, Thanks! :) your totally welcome! :)

Jo Bekah Photography said...

Looks like fun!! It makes me happy to be a favorite blog. :D
I love coffee!!