Thursday, April 28, 2011

Flowers! :)

Today, I made these awesome flowers, i had learned to make them in the past few weeks, so today i made abunch :) with a few photos mixed in from my day today! :)
Here is the outside screen. :) lovely huh?
 I ADORE these yummy chocolate peanut butter cups...they make me happy, so if you want to send me some through the mail, make sure you keep them cold, i like them cold best! ;)
 Then me Ipod touch, playin' the fray, you found me,
Do you like the fray?
 More flowers........
 Lots more flowers :D
 This is what the sky looked like today, not that sunny, *wink*
I hope the wheather gets better, sooon,
 Then, and now, the end of this post,
My Grandma.
I got her to smile this once, it wasn't that good of lighting, that's why its kinda blurry, :(
sometime I'll get a good one of her, with good lighting that is!
Have a great Fellow followers\Bloggers!!!!
Much love,

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Jo Bekah Photography said...

Great pics! I love the one of your grandma, that's so funny! I love the one's of the peanut butter cups too, YUM. Way to use window light! :)