Monday, January 23, 2012

my christmas and such

Christmas eve went to my dad's parents house, with all the cousins, autns and uncles, the theme this year for dinner was indian.
Each year one of my grandparents kids decide what theme the dinner will be, like: fair food (yuuuuuck, that was last year) indian, italian...ya know. ;]

anyhow.. Here are some pictures from my Christmas, all of these are from my sisters camera, because i just didn't take picture, hah. no, i didn't bring my camera.
Gramma, and her super delicious apple slices. yup yup! :)

 cousin david, annnd moi.

 a view of the food, and some relatives.

>>>>>> I hope you all had a grand christmas this year, and lots more. :)
How was yours?

xoxo, with moltans and ice cream, and coffee. :)


Jessica said...

Sounds great to me! :)

You are so pretty!!

Emily Ruth said...

Looks like fun!
I tagged you on my blog: