Thursday, December 1, 2011

a great weekend.

Awesome fun stuffs happened this short weekend.
So sad it's already ended, almost cried, almost. :)
Alright alright... time for some pictures.... and less rambling. well, no promises ;]

 The big picture with all of us. :)
such a happy picture, but not really cause they left after this. :(

thursday night was pretty nice. :)
[justin, jonathon, and jacklyn] arrived at 7:30

Yup, I think we love spoons, so much to be one of our favorite games. :)
Ya'll know how to play that game?

Then, my sister had start making these naughty pumpkin cake bars. ;)

next day, yeahh, just a random photo i took of dad in the backround.

Chicken curry, naan.

Watching Wolverine on a huge projector at grams. :) yup. Officially in-love.

all us siblings over to gram's to watch a movie . . . then someone suggested charades. [yayyyy]

So.. there you have a bunch of pictures round' the place. =O

yay for motion shots. lol.
Next day? sundayyyy.
The uh...goodbye day. :(

<<annnnd all these lovely pictures before the sad goodbye's >>

  :) jacklyn :)

Down here? oh.. just my and my bro. ♥ Sitting in a Mazda 3, listening to rock music with lotsa bass.. can you tell i am pretty much amazed? hehehe
 we got into photog mode after her little rampage of funness in the car...
yuppers. you guessed. I like this car. 
Well, Goodnight folk's! :]
It's high time for some hot tea and a good night's sleep. :)

with sugar and cinnamin on top.

 P.s. I'll be posting some pretty cute pictures of Beka and Justin late tr on in the week, keep an eye out. ;)
P.s.s. I would love to have like a christmas giveaway thingy.. so if any of you lovely followers would like to sponser, that would be fantabulous!


Jessica said...

Aww, looks like a wonderful weekend! Lovely photos of you and your family and friends!

Jessica said...

Looks like you had loads of fun! And I've never seen anyone play any type of game with spoons before. . . . But I do like naan bread! :)

*Lizzie* said...

Looks like you had a blast!! :)
I LOVE the game Spoons! It's awesome!!! We all just played it on Thanksgiving with all our friends we had over!!! :) It was FuN!
God bless!

Emily said...

Looks awesome! :)
And spoons just rule. The. End. :D

mary ann said...

I love Spoons!
looks like lots of fun :)

Bethany said...

looks like fun!! charades+spoons+naan=certain awesomeness :)

Madeline Elizabeth said...

Wow, that looked like fun!
Was that your cousins?