Thursday, November 10, 2011

miscellaneous ramblings

Lovely day today, Breezy, you know, all that good stuff, it also snowed a bit too!, anyone else got some snow?
inspiration has been a lack... Sadly yes, Doesn't this happen to everyone? or does it?

So sorry for the lack of posts, as i said, no inspiration, any ideas???
 It snowed a bit, but it doesn't stick. sadly.

--yes, randomly taking pictures of Beka's painting!--

We went to go see the Civil wars, Joy Williams and John Paul, who is like the twin of Johnny Depp, no joke.  =)

It was an amazing concert! I loved it, and so did the girls that came with us. :)
Time to start working on my me next post.  <<The palm project.>>
Oh yes, i love it, too bad i can't "like" it, because i don't have facebook,  [insert gasp]

love and peace,
with brown sugar on top.


*Lizzie* said...

I have no great idea for a blog post :) Sorry... I don't even know what to post on my blog! lol.
It snowed here too!! :)

Katie said...

Loved the third photo best; so creative (: