Monday, October 10, 2011

It's a dinner out

yeah, my sister painted this, and our cousin just decided he'd be in the picture. haha
Isn't she great?

 Me and bek. We is sista's. yes we is. :D

This was really yummy, it was like a basil pesto sort of thing!

Then the dessert, pear crumble cake, or something like that. :P

My chocolate chocolate cupcake. With a  red hot on it. Those are my loves. ♥

happy monday!


Emily Ruth said...

I love that wall! You girls are so pretty. :)
Now I really want a cupcake.

Emilie said...

Mmm.. looks yummy!

Sarah said...

I just found your blog! I like it a lot, so I followed :)
I am having a photography challenge!
I would LOVE it if you would enter!
Here is the link :
Check it out!
In Christ,

Nia.Rhiannon said...

Really nice photos! what camera do u have? u take nice photos! x

Anonymous said...

What did beka do to her hair!!!!