Thursday, October 6, 2011

I like music? yes.... i do.

Musica. :)
yeah, I like musica, can you tell?
Here are a few i like, merely, only a few. =]

Disciple. They. Are. Amazing. Oh yeah, there Rock. You like rock? I do. :D
I'm pretty sure i like everything... usually. except screamo. uck, i just can't stand it.

and were going to hopefully see these guys in Nov. sometime. =D

The civil wars
Btw, were going to see these people super soon. :) I can't wait! :D

Mumford and sons
I love ther music. :)

Britt Nicole
I'm pretty sure everybody has heard of her, she's quite popular... i love her music, and i listen to it almost everyday. =]

Oh my word, this isn't the real song for it, well it is, but she talks in between, its so touching. please watch. :) i love it.

Last but definitely not least..
it's one of my utmost favorites.

much loves


Emilie said...

Cool. :)

Emily said...

Good choices! ;) I was going to go to a Tedashii concert in November, but the proccessing fees for the tickets are almost as much as the tickets themselves, so we'll see! :D