Thursday, September 29, 2011

it's autumn

You wanna know my favorite things about autumn?
O.K. I'll tell you. :)

[Sweaters] mhmmmmm these are my fav.

[BootsThere just lovely, they keep your feet all warm and cozy... i have a black pair of these babies, they suit me well. ♥

[Mornings outside writing\reading letters]
Some of these letters come from Allie, and Bethany :)

[Baby bunnies] These little guys live under our trampoline. There so darling cute, you would'nt believe... I just wish i could pick them all up and cuddle them myself, but unfortunately i've heard that if you do, the mommy won't take care of them no more. :( it's sad stuff it is indeed.

yup, marsh-mellows, there just to sweet sometimes. so i just go for the dark chocolate from trader joes instead sometimes...

 What are your favorite things about Autumn?

over and out.


*Lizzie* said...

I love those things about Fall too! I also love scarfs and hoodie sweatshirts and windy days!!! :)

Emily Ruth said...

Sweaters are a definite favorite. I love scarves and leaves changing colors and being able to wear sweatshirts as coats and still being warm. :)

Emily said...

I love those boots! And all the other things too! I also love eating food made with pumpkin. :)

♥ Kimmi's Corner ♥ said...

hmm....probably basketball season starts back and I get to wear boots all the time!!!!:D:D

Sarah Tschanz said...

I want a letter =)

Sarah Tschanz said...

I want a letter =)