Monday, August 22, 2011

tomato basil with pasta, and i am back!

Yes, I am back from my amazing vacation! :)
Thank you to all you guest posters who kept my lovely blog going!
I took alot of pictures, [wasn't that expected?] went tubing, 
drank coffee. lots of coffee. usually iced americanos with a shot of caramel or English toffee. =)
but i am also happy to be back home,

 I am hoping to going more followers, and do more posts... What do you think?

Today i made a tomato basil and pasta dish-thingy...
I think it turned out pretty good, except it needed a bit more salt. you can always fix that!

 the fresh tomatoes and basil from the garden all chopped up.

 pasta. tomatoes. knife.

 and this is what it looked like before everyone ate it. and after i was done making it. :) are you hungry now? good.

I really missed blogging during my vacation, so happy i am back to it!
i want to thank all of my guest posters for doing such a good job!
Thank you!
Jessica | alexandra | Julianna | Lizzie | Ellie

Have a fantabulous day everyone!


Madeline Elizabeth said...


Julianna said...

Glad you're back :] Love the pictures!

Jessica said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful vacation, Rachel! I love coffee and that pasta looks sooo good! My mouth's watering now.

Thanks for letting me guest post! :)

Jessica said...


Shannah said...

Blog name suggestion... "Photos and more"!!! =)

Anonymous said...

Welcome back!!!