Sunday, August 14, 2011

A bit About Me! (Guest Post by Lizzie)

Hey Everyone! My name is Lizzie. Well, to start out I'll tell a bit about myself :) As you already know my name is Lizzie. And I am a 14 year old christian girl. I have been home schooled all my life and love it :)

When taking pictures I enjoy trying to capture the sunlight through the lens of my camera.

I love taking pictures of flowers and just love them in general! :) I love drawing!!! It's such an awesome thing to do! :)

I love writing Christian music and one day hope to be a christian artist! I want to become a song writer and singer because my heart goes out to the broken in the world. And I want somehow to reach them and through music seems the best way for now!

I love horses!!!! My favorite horse breed is the Gypsy Vanner. They are a draft horse that is black and white with feathering around their hoofs. They can also so be brown and white, cream and white, just black, just white, just brown ect...But the black and white is my favorite!

I love taking pictures with my Fujifilm camera and love trying to improve my photography skills every time I take a picture! I love Jesus with all of my heart and strive to know Him better. I want to serve and glorify Him in all that I do. The picture above is my favorite Bible verse. And was my theme verse for last year. Psalm 27:1. I love it because it is so true. Whom shall I fear when the Lord IS my light and my salvation! Amazing verse.

I have three blogs and would love it if you checked them out! (Or maybe even followed one or all of them) :D is my horse blog! :D And the first blog I made when I think I was 12 maybe. is a blog for photos I guess. It was suppose to be about my life though but turned out to be a photo blog! LOL! is a blog about my Jesus Christ. I made the blog not to long ago so I can pour out my heart what is on my mind about God's wonders!

Well, I hope you enjoyed hearing a bit about me! Have an awesome week!!

God bless!
A Servant 4 Christ,


Bethany said...

Cool! nice photography, i will definetly check out your blogs! :)

Jessica said...

You have such an upbeat attitude about life and you're bubbling over with joy, Lizzie! I love this post and I'll definitely check out your blogs!!

♥ Kimmi's Corner ♥ said...

I tagged you on my blog!! Have fun girl!<3<3<3

*Lizzie* said...

Oh you girls are so sweet! Thanks for your comments :) I am going to have to check out all of your blogs too! :)
Have an awesome week!
God bless!

A Servant 4 Christ,

Emily Ruth said...

Such a great post! Thank you for sharing about yourself. I enjoyed reading it!