Saturday, June 4, 2011

Monopoly w\ lyddie...

Monopoly is always fun, (especially if you dont play it to often!) but its even more fun if you play with you little sis, she so funny! :D
Earlier, i was on a pontoon boat for like uh......6 hours! Now, I'm all sunburned, red, it hurts, like bad, and can't forget still am feeling like I'm on the boat, { Let me tell you, its not a good feeling!}

I love the focus in this one!

and this one!

aaaanddddddddddddd this one!!
my very first deed!!! :) yaya so exciting!

secend deed, yes i know, i am just weird like that, i take a pic of each one! lol (I did it to only the first three! )

my doubles, and galadriel

Yup, i had her smile, :D
annnnnnnnnnd me! haha like it?!

:) :) :)

yup, if you read that its the second worst one!!!!! (VERy expensive!)

ponys! :) :)

yup, those are my deeds! but yeah..... then after this, we had to do some stuff, ( i think chores)
so yeah, Do you all like playing monopoly?! if you do, how long does it take for you and your partners to finish the game?! when my brothers play, it usually takes them like 4 days!
al righty, don't for get to enter in y photo contest!!!!!!!!!

much love,
<3 <3 <3


Jordan said...

OHMYGOSH!! You have the LOTR version!!??? Sooooo awesome!! I LOVE LOTR!! :D And I LOVE how they have all the places in it you can buy! Hehe, that's so funny! I want one of these! We have regular Monopoly, which is still fun! :)

Oh no! Galadriel went to jail D:

Great shots! <3

Rachel said...

hehe, i know that is basicly the only version i like!
but, really, Ive never played any other!!!

Julia said...

We have that version too! I haven't played it in a LONG time though... I should get it out and play it again. :) Love the photos! :)