Saturday, June 25, 2011

Interview with Ali!! ♥

Thank you SOOO much for letting me interview you Ali! :) It means alot! ♥♥♥

#1 About Me: I am a 13 year old girl named Ali, daughter of Jesus Christ my King. I love Him, and praise Him for dying on the cross for me and rising again on the third day. He is who my blog is about. He is who I'm writing for! I do also love taking pictures on my point and shoot. I hope you stop by my blog, and stay awhile. :) My blog name is Livin My Life 4 Jesus 

#2 My blog is about me and my crazy hectic life, but living for Jesus through it all! I post lots of pictures, and I share about my personal life. I blog because it's fun, and I love to interact with people and get to know new people! 

#3 I have loved photography since..well, this year! I got my first very own point and shoot on my 13th birthday, and I've taken pictures of new things ever since! 

#4 I use a point and shoot, and it is a Fujifilm. I got it on my thirteenth birthday from my family! :)

#5 Life inspires me to take pictures because if I see something that needs to be photographed in life, I take it! Life is full of adventures, and fun! But there are also sad, and hard times. But, when you snap those fun, happy pictures, you will remember those moments the most! :)

#6 My favorite photo I've taken in the last month probably has to be the picture I took of my friend. I love how she is standing, and how she has her arms. And I love the edit I did on it too! :) 

#7 This is always a hard one, but I love taking pictures of friends and family. I love to capture the beautiful and fun moments with the ones I love! Although, It is sometimes hard to get my brothers to cooperate..but when I can I love to! 

Have a great day everyone!!! 
now... go follow her blog!!!! 
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Jessica said...

Nice to meetcha Ali! =)

Madie M. said...

Good job Ali!