Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Frisbee, and some random photos! :) Excited, huh?

Wow, I think we like Frisbee! Don't you?  It's an awesome sport\hobby, I mean, I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!
but i also love playing ultimate Frisbee..... Its the best.
I only have a few photos because I wanted to play, you can understand that, right?

Hehe I know, I caught him in action!!!! So cool right?!
i love it.


This one is amazing...

So is this.

Now i went to play... but had to go in to do some chores instead, :(

SO here are some photos of the next day, i've been meaning to post lately, but never got around to it! i know scandal right?!
oh wait, this is till from the same day!
 these next ones are from the day after.... :D

 Oh man, this is my favorite..... and LOVE it! ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!
 me and my camera, love this one too! :0, man, i think i'm loven every one! haha
 i like the focus!

a lonely... little weed\flower.

Some photos of beka.

 full body shot.
I like this one! :)

Have a great day peoples! :)
Much love.....
<3 <3 <3


Julianna said...

The ones of your sis are so cute! And your hair looks really cute in the 4th pic :)

*Lizzie* said...

Cool pics! I truly love the one that is your favorite too! The one of the grass with the little white flower! It is very cool!

Rachel said...

@julianna, thanks girl! actually it was just all messy, i didnt to anything to it!!!! haha

Thanks lizzie i ♥ it too! :)

*Lizzie* said...

Haha! You commented on my blog asking who Lady Florimel is, well, that is Alena's blog name =)

Jessica said...

Cute pictures of your sis! :)