Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Dinner\movie night with beka, and some butterflies! :)

Last night, beka and I made dinner, it was delicious! i loved it! Doesn't it look good?!
There was a bit of leftovers, today, now there all gone! D: I didn't get any! 
What did you have for dinner?!


 I love this picture, it looks so yummy!

 yep, she's eating it with out sitting down @ the table with the family, well i guess she is test tasting it! :D

Now, setting up the movie! I was excited! =)

 But..... before we started it, we HAD to speckle my camera cap with teal, and dark purple!!!
I loved it! :D :D :D
so her hand just looked so cool, we took photos with both of our cameras, if you haven't notice.... there the same! he he (yes, i know, I'm such a copy cat! =D )

 The cover! :) :) :)
Have you seen it?!
I love it!!! It's awesome!

 I Really like this one! :D :D
I love my pajamas!

 Her lips tuff, that she just had to have.... haha

a random photo, when the movie was loading...

this is what it loooked like after it was pretty much dry!!
Like it?
i do!

Here are the butter flies that were randomly in our back yard!

I think i like this one the best, what about you?!

well, good night Ya'll!
much love,
<3 <3 <3


Maya said...

love love love that movie!!
also, your so lucky to have such an epic camera...i wish i had one :( i am forced to shoot all my piccies with a little point and shoot fuji finepix :(
the lenscap looks cute now!

Julia said...

I love your lens cap! Super creative and CUTE idea! :)

Jordan said...

Great pictures!! I want a camera like that!! Where did you get it and how much did it cost??


Jordan said...

Oh yess, your dinner looks AMAZING!!!! Mushrooms? Ohmygosh- I don't think I've found one person who likes mushrooms on Blogger xD I LOVE them!! I could eat them all by themselves, lol!


Kiley said...

ok, dinner looks AMAZING. never seen that movie....looks cute though, love your camera lens cap. ;)

Jo Bekah Photography said...

Looks like fun Rach!!

*Lizzie* said...

Awesome pictures!!!! Those are some cool butterflies! =)
Great job Rach ;)

Marieanne said...

love this movie! cute romantic comedy :)

Rachel said...

Thanks ya'll!

Julianna said...

Looks like fun! And the buterfly pictures are beautiful!!!

Rachel said...

Thanks jullianna! i love eM' too!!!