Monday, June 13, 2011

Curly hair again.... i love!

OK, I usually do just one, but his time I did double!!! ( you'll know what i mean if you wait just a few more days....:P )
so the top was extra adorable!!! ahhh!! I am in love.
Except the back is just a wee bit non curly for me. but it was a bit better!
So yeah, can you tell if its a bit curlier? Sorry I didn't get a *really good one!
 But can you still tell?

K, so do you really want  to know how i do my hair?
I wanna see how many people really want to know! 
so, 3 2 1 GO Comment!


Jedi Knight Autumn Elizabeth said...

How DID you do that!? It's gorgeous!! I syour hair naturally straight or curly? Mine is stick straight, and I can't usually get it to do right when it's curly. So, how'd you do it?


*Lizzie* said...

Oh! You look so cute with curly hair!