Sunday, May 15, 2011

photoshoot | Beka and I

Ok, so this is how it  goes!: All the ones of Beka, I took, and the ones of me, She took! :) so here it goes!
 I <3 this one to bits! Do you? tell me your thoughts, really, i like them.
So yeah, my sister, as soon as we got home, she put this as her profile picture!
 yes, ofcourse I made her jump! are you kidding? I love jumping shots!
then i made her sit, again,
 Guess what she is doing! any guesses?
I'll tell at the end of this post.
 this is one of my favorites! actually she suggested this one! I, as you can tell, had to get on my stomach! it was quite an adventure...getting on my hands and knees!
 Annnnnddddddddddd jump again!!!! =)
and now, ME! excited? you should be. ;)
 Yup, I had her braid my hair before we left on this adventuress bike ride,\photoshoot!
I haven't had a french braid since i was like 10!
Moi, yes, me...
 I LOVE this place, it makes my heart happy! :)
 and, those bikes are mine and beka,s light purple and dark. both 
 Our shoes... both kinda converses, sorta, not really, we get them From payless
Drink Coca cola, It relieves Fatigue!
Another move, guess!
 And so I jumped!
more of that stuff, that your suposed to "guess" about! :D

 Peace outyeah, i  like this one!
I <3 you!  :)
So, tomorrow I'm gonna post the answer! :D
i mean its not THAT hard!
until tomorrow!
P.S. What should i call my photo contest? I've been thinking like terrific Tuesday... or maybe just fabulous Friday? i know, SO simple! but hey? any ideas????? I am in need of them!!!!
much love


*Lizzie* said...

Oh! Those are so cute!!! That place you guys took the pictures at looks really cool! Yes, I bet it does make you happy =D

Bethany said...

So cute! i love your hair! umm How about WOnderful wednesday? haha idk, do what you want!

Jordan said...

OHMYGSOH! I ADORE that top picture!!! <3 I wish I could get a picture of me that good! :)

You're both so cute!

Ummm... Yoga postures? Lol- if it's something to do with like some movie... I'll never guess it ;D


Emilie said...

Love your hair! I am now a follower of your blog. :)


Julianna said...

I love the one of your sis jumping! And I love the ones of you. so cute!!

Anonymous said...

SWEET!!:) We need to do i photoshoot when i come over next time:D Oh i know what it was!! Yoga the warrior pose!!:) Do i win!?

Jo Bekah Photography said...

I love all of these! Fantastic Job Rachel! I LOVE the very first one! And that Coca-Cola building is AWESOME!

Rachel said...

Jo Bekah Photography: Yeah, thanks! I like it cuz it like 5 min away.. on the bike!!!

Anonymous said...

Ohmygosh! My sis and I had a photo shoot the other day and she did a jumping shot and then put it as her profile (facebook) pic!! And last night we were gonna do one again and I tried to braid my hair! Wow.

Sara said...

These are so fun! I love that wall, it's awesome!