Saturday, May 14, 2011

Fun, Baby chicks, and Danny... what else could be better?

yesterday, I came to check out my blog, I see that it totally deleted my last few posts!!!!
So, you can imagine, I freaked out!!!! yes, I did, wouldnt you?or  just act normal? Speak.
Danny, wanted to go see the chickies... so here we are, with a  few pictures, :)
Yeha, he was totally excited!
 and there he is.... scaring all the poor chicks.
He didnt really want a picture tooken of him!
I love his funny faces, He does them like ALL the time! they make me laugh,

Well, That's it for today Fellow Bloggers
Much love,


Jordan said...

Ohmygosh- he is sooo cute <3
I LOVE his faces, too! Hehe- too funny :)


Rachel said...

haha, Thanks jordan!!!

Moriah said...

Danny is soooo cute!