Sunday, April 24, 2011

Photoshoot with some friends! :)

Last fall-ish, some of our friends came over for the afternoon and dinner, so I got to take there pictures, go ahead, and tell me what your favorite is!
 I always laugh when I see this..
 I think this is one of the best....What is YOUR favorite?!
      I love this one, there SO funny to take picture of.
                                                            The beautiful sunset!
                                and Finally, they took one of me and my friend :)    {me on the left, and my buddy on the right}
Happy Easter everyone! I hope you had a awesome day!


Jo Bekah Photography said...

I LOVE the third one and the last one!! Great pics~!

Rachel said...

Thanks! :)
BTW, SO glad your my fist follower! :)
I hope mroe come soooooN!

Julianna said...

Those are soo fun! I love the 2nd one,and the last one is really cute too! :)

Julianna said...

P.S I'm so happy you started a "normal" blog!! :)

Beka said...

er....thanks for that one screwy picture of me laughing. it's too funky to publish. not too flattering. :\

other than that, cute post, dear. i loved that day.

Jessica said...

I love that photo of your friend laughing! It's so hilarious! And you are really pretty as are all of your friends! :)

Rachel said...

Juilianna, Thanks so much! :)

Beka, yeah, ok sorry, :P
i did remove it for ya! :)
Thanks dear!

Jessisca, Thanks, It was so funny!